About Me

Picture of Matthew Ernisse next to N8924N at KSQL

When I am not flying little airplanes or exploring various far-flung parts of this delightful orb we ride on I have the the privilege of helping others solve interesting techonolgy problems. In my spare time I also wrote a silly little URL shortener, called uber.hk, some tools to help manage your BlackBerry, track your finances, visualize data, and share your pictures.

If I were asked to summarise myself I'd probably use words like aviator, technologist, whovian, and possibly gamer and geek. I respond enthusiastically to interesting challanges and problems needing solutions.

I like cloud methodology but generally distrust "the cloud". So far this works out OK for me since I have a very complete personal IT infrastructure.

Outside of technology I enjoy travel, which is one of the reasons I enjoy aviation. At last count I have visited 4 continents, 46 airports, and 4 countries in the last few years. At some point I think it would be neat to own a plane, though being a member of the Williamson Flying Club does make it easy to reap the benifits without quite as much of the cost.

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